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Many champions have graced the turf at Royal Randwick Racecourse, and perhaps you own or follow a horse. The journey begins here, behind the scenes in the early hours of the day. From track work, to swimming, to time spent in the stables and more, photographing a racehorse during the course of its racing journey is a story in itself.  Take advantage of getting photos during the various stages of its career.
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Barrier Trials

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Jump Outs


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Track Work


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    Ian Askew

    Anyone who can wear shorts in the middle of a freezing winter deserves some credit. I'm afraid to ask what he wears in summer....
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    Amanda Wood

    Horses have always been a part of my life. Since joining the racing industry first as a pony rider and becoming a photographer along the way, has been a journey rich in action and colourful people. Racing is an incredible family and I feel blessed to be a part of it.
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    Need for Steed Australia began in 2012 with a small travel camera taking moments I felt should be captured and shared. With my talented mentor Geoffrey, combined with the support and encouragement of Gai Waterhouse, I was off at a gallop and have yet to pull up!
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    I am now offering private photography lessons to anyone who wants to learn! Reasonable rates and sessions will be individually tailored. If you are tired of looking at your loved one's terrible them in!

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Rachel King

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If there is one apprentice who keeps stepping up, it’s Rachel King. I have spent many a morning with her and she is always there with a smile and a wave. Her natural ability to connect with her rides often sees the best of them come raceday. It is no surprise that she keeps getting […]

Sharing My Passion

Mentor for a Morning!

Recently I had the opportunity to be a mentor for the Blue Guitar Project and to share my skills as a photographer. It was a real joy to be able to share not only my passion, but to introduce Emily to track life.  I can’t thank all of you enough that met her on the […]

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